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Global Bagpipes

Global Bagpipes

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Arc Music Presents Global Bagpipes- 2 Disc Set

Music Performed By:
Various Pipe Ensembles

Bagpipes are automatically associated with Scotland or Ireland. However, bagpipes are known to many European, Asian, even African countries. This collection of 30 different bagpipes with and without accompaniment leads the listener to such far away countries as Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco and many more.
Included is extensive liner notes with history and information about bagpipes from different countries.
Total Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Disc 1: Click on a Tracks 1-5 to Hear a Preview

6. Macedonia: Gaida of Macedonia
7. Greek Islands: Daybreak Melody
8. Malta: Preludja
9. Tunsia: Medley
10. Croatia: Kalendar I Zita
11. Bulgaria: Instrumental piece for gayda
12. Hungary: Bethlehem
13. Romania: Medley of Romanian tunes
14. Slovakia: Dance tunes from Slovakia
15. Estonia: Pruuditants Pakrilt
16. Germany: I have a Darling/Turn Whees, Turn/Katarina, my faithful
17. Latvia: Abi Divi
18. Sweden: Sackpipa

Disc 2: Click on a Tracks 1-5 to Hear a Preview

6. France/Limousin: Valse de ce temps-la
7. France/Brittany: Suite de tours
8. The Netherlands/Belgium: Flip die vleugelt/Anglois
9. Scotland: Wings/Marie's Wedding/51st Highland Division/Rowan Tree
10. Scotland: Kopenitsa
11. Scotland: Ffarwel i Aberystwyth
12. England: Air
13. Ireland: Sliabh Geal Goua

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